Today we spoke to Mayor Lee Upcraft about how he, the Town Council and the citizens of Wallingford are coping under the corona virus related restrictions.

Out and About with Mayor Upcraft

by Wallingford Radio News

Mayor Lee, along with Councillor Ros Lester, are sponsoring the local Wallingford 2020 volunteer group. With more than 200 volunteers in ten days, they are helping 63 locals with tasks such as taking dogs for walks, going to the shops, getting prescriptions, posting letters and more – allowing at risk people to stay at home. Designed for local errands for those in self isolation, it’s another example of the community pulling together to help each other.

It’s another thank you to all those volunteers who have helped all those people in need. Another fine example of Wallingford helping everybody out.

Mayor Lee Upcraft

 If you are able to volunteer, or if you think that you would benefit from some additional help, the group can be contacted by text or by calling 07464 482 717 or emailing; Their website is

Speaking about the closure of the local suppliers market in the town square, the Mayor supported the decision, while also being pleased to hear about the suppliers attempting to move their trade online. “The local suppliers market is a great market and if they can help deliver online, they should do that – and it’s the safest option in the current situation and I’m pleased they have taken that decision.”

Whilst the council is doing everything they can do to continue operating as close to normal as possible while following all the guidelines themselves, unfortunately the Castle Gardens and the play park in the Bull Croft have been shut.

The Mayor explained that the Castle Gardens have certain extra health and safety requirements to allow it to be open in a safe manner, while the play park has been closed under advisement, as the virus has been shown to persist on hard surfaces for a number of hours.

To the people of Wallingford: carry on doing what you do best, which is looking out for each other and supporting each other as a community.

Mayor Lee Upcraft