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With nearly all aspects of our lives being affected by the Covid19 pandemic, we are at a time where local businesses need us now more than ever. Before putting more pennies into Silicon Valley’s pocket, it’s crucial we think before we buy and search for a local seller to support our town in every way possible. We all know it’s easier to buy online all in one place and have the item on your doorstep by the following day at a the click of a button however, shopping with local and independent businesses makes a massive difference to the owners on a personal and financial level and it is essentially what keeps the town alive.

We have seen the collapse of even big brands during the pandemic who we would assume to be financially stable, this hits us with the realisation that no one is safe when it comes to being affected and we therefore must support our town, as the saying goes, use it or lose it. Wouldn’t it be so great if we could all come together to keep our town going until we get some kind of normality back?

With all that in mind, we will be featuring local businesses that can benefit from the promotion, but to also allow us as the consumers to learn a bit about the people behind the businesses that Wallingford is so fortunate to have. With many independent businesses becoming even more reliant on the residents of the community as they adapt with the challenges they have faced throughout the pandemic, it will give sellers an opportunity to tell us what we can do to support them and how we can continue to use their services or products during these difficult times. Let’s shop small, make a big difference and love our local businesses!

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