Local Events

  • bunkfest
    Bunkfest 2020 Cancelled
  • food market
    Wallingford Market the latest to be impacted
    Another staple of normal life has been hit by Covid-19, with the Wallingford Local Producers' Market being suspended for the forseeable future. The orangisers have decided to put the health of the producers and the public first, and to move as much of the market towards online and over the phone deliveries.
  • bunkfest
    Bunkfest 2020 – An Update
    If there's one thing Wallingford is known for in the realm beyond Oxfordshire, Bunkfest is probably it. The local folk festival is a fantastic staple to the calendar, attracting crowds to the Kinecroft and around the town.
  • car rally
    Wallingford Car Rally 2020