Author: Liam O’Brien

A message from Mayor Lee

Mayor Lee, along with Councillor Ros Lester, are sponsoring the local Wallingford 2020 volunteer group. With over 200 volunteers in ten days, they are helping 63 locals with tasks such as taking dogs for walks, going to the shops, getting prescriptions, posting letters and more – allowing at risk people to stay at home. Designed for local errands for those in self isolation, it’s another example of the community pulling together to help each other.

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Wallingford Market the latest to be impacted

Another staple of normal life has been hit by Covid-19, with the Wallingford Local Producers’ Market being suspended for the forseeable future.

The orangisers have decided to put the health of the producers and the public first, and to move as much of the market towards online and over the phone deliveries.

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The Road to FM

The Wallingford Radio team are, as you know, pushing forwards with starting our FM coverage of Wallingford and the surrounding areas. What we hadn’t quite anticipated was a global pandemic resulting in movement restrictions.

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Bunkfest 2020 – An Update

If there’s one thing Wallingford is known for in the realm beyond Oxfordshire, Bunkfest is probably it. The local folk festival is a fantastic staple to the calendar, attracting crowds to the Kinecroft and around the town.

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