As every drama student knows “Yes and….’ is one of the famous rules of “improv” or improvisation and taught in drama classes throughout the world. “Yes and…” means develop and keep the scene going!

Improvisational techniques are used extensively to train actors for stage, film and television and can be an important part of the rehearsal process and it is an integral part of Abingdon Drama Club’s junior drama classes curriculum – classes that have been going for over 40 years. Not all drama clubs have their own clubhouse. Abingdon Drama Club does (bought for the princely sum of £1274 in 1960!!) and it is an important factor in how they are able to run junior drama classes.

These classes produce amazing young actors with some even going on to perform in the West End theatre and on TV and in mainstream films. We even have ex pupils becoming drama teachers!

ADC’s drama classes produce not only amazing young actors but also amazing young people. In fact some of our marvellous main club members started at these drama classes.

The classes offer young aspiring actors a chance to hone their acting skills in a fun, nurturing environment while meeting other young people from a variety of local schools. This nurturing and empathetic learning space, part of ADC’s community ethos, is further enhanced by the fact that their present teacher, Leon Witcomb, (who had his own one man show at the Edinburgh Fringe this year), was once one of the pupils!

He knows first hand what is required to teach these classes and he understands how important they can be to pupils. Leon wants children to unlock their potential to become the innovators, pioneers and contributing citizens of the future.

These amazing junior drama classes are an important part of what ADC do and an important part of Abingdon’s society.

As one of the oldest drama clubs in the country, ADC has been providing drama classes for young people for over 40 years. Leon will be running the drama classes every Saturday during term times.

Class One – 9-12 years & Class Two – 13-16 years will include:

A combination of drama games, improvisation and scene work. A fun way to make new friends and start to learn the fundamentals of theatre and performance.

The classes will focus on building drama skills including voice, movement, action, objective, devising scenes and writing original work. The children are able to develop and build essential vocal and physical skills and master the essentials of acting including objective, subtext and characterisation. In-depth study of plays and playwrights supports learning, particularly for those enrolled in GCSE Drama. With a good teacher we see how young pupils can tackle cold reading (reading a scene from a play for the first time in front of other people) – something they would normally avoid like the plague(!) and because of their love of the material and surroundings they soon become competent, confident readers.

Previous students comments.

“The junior classes were the bedrock of my childhood and teenage years. Classes were wildly fun and varied and they were the highlight of my week.”

“I was a member of the Junior Drama Club from the age of 13 until I ‘graduated’ to the main club, and have never left it!

For me, it started my love and passion for theatre. It improved my confidence, and my social skills. Being a member of the Juniors made me the person I am now and helped me to work in a team, take responsibility, and helped with my career!”

“Being an ADC Junior was an incredible experience. Not only did it help me grow in confidence, it helped me through an extremely hard time in my life.

It was so much fun and allowed me to grow into a full ADC member which is one of the best things I have ever done!”

“What I like about ADC is how fun and friendly everyone is and how calm the atmosphere is. I like how original it is as well.”

……and of course Leon – “ADC’s Junior Drama Classes started a love of the theatre that is still with me today. This love, and passion, has helped me enormously in all I do and has given me the confidence to become the new ADC drama teacher.”

“Half the cost, twice the fun!”

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“Acting is essentially telling the truth using someone else’s words. As actors we are storytellers. Our job is to engage the audience and the best way to do this is through truthful performance.”