The Wallingford Radio team are, as you know, pushing forwards with starting our FM coverage of Wallingford and the surrounding areas. What we hadn’t quite anticipated was a global pandemic resulting in movement restrictions.

However, not to be defeated, our team has been making strides behind the scenes to get ready for both our public consultations as well as the fundraising required to launch on FM.

Our recent achievements include this very website you are reading! We’ve also updated our icecast server (the bit that lets you listen online), which has reduced some ongoing costs, as well as increasing audio quality. We’ve also moved the studio to it’s new compound, which has included sorting the power supply among other things. 

And then to allow the live shows to continue from our locked-down homes, our technical mage has sorted out voice-tracking (another technical term – don’t worry about it) as well as file sharing, dead-air monitoring and lots and lots of other stuff.

So for now, we are limited on the timescale going forwards, but rest assured that we’re getting the nuts and bolts in place for a great launch. When it happens!