Wallingford has long been proud of it’s local independent shops, which provide the town with a character all of it’s own.

Ranging from florists, cafes, estate agents to book shops, these locally owned businesses have, like the rest of the country, been hit recently by the economic impact of the Covid-19 lockdown rules.

However there is a new campaign to promote the local shops, spearheaded by Nina who works at Sportswize on St Mary’s Street. She has co-ordinated many of the traders and is running an information campaign aimed and getting shoppers to think before they spend in the town, and consider supporting the unique shops which help make the community.

A few of the local shops supporting the campaign.

The Stay Local Campaign

by Wallingford Radio News

As of date of writing, the following shops are part of, and supporting, the initiative:

  • Sportswize
  • Ribizili
  • Just Trading
  • Wildwood
  • Feet First
  • Masterflooring
  • Help I’ve Broken It
  • Rides on Air
  • Wallingford Tailoring
  • Wallingford Tea and Coffee
  • Branching Out Florists
  • Busy Brushes
  • Bean and Brew
  • Two’s and Shoes
  • Rags and Bags
  • Homebase Property Management
  • Santosha Wellbeing
  • Elbow Room
  • Steve Holder Sports Therapist
  • Wallingford Windows
  • Keri the Florist
  • Higgs the Printers
  • The Gallery Wallingford
  • The Wallingford Bookshop
  • Wallingford Butchers
  • The Big Small Shop
  • The Keep