Sunday the 14th May 2023


In the historic town of Wallingford, this regular event for the town’s calendar is open to all classic, custom, and interesting vehicles from bicycles to tanks.

First, the vehicles tour through the town in convoy. This alone is an event in itself. The streets are lined with spectators, children pointing and smiling in wonderment, drivers waving, a sea of shining chrome and pleasingly eclectic paint hues glimmering as they drive by in the summer sun. The locals love it, with many households bringing the garden furniture to the front of the house for a comfortable seat. It’s happy, it’s fun. We like that.

Every year in February, the tickets to take part in the parade and park on the Kinecroft sell out in record time – 250 in less than 20 minutes! But, if you would like to see these vehicles in person, there is nothing stopping you coming along on foot.
Hundreds of cars attend, with little regard given to any sort of trend or following. If you want to see a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air parked behind a 2CV, this is the show. Big Americans, traditional Brit classics from Austin and Triumph et al, modern classics, super cars, a military tracked tank and even a car boot, we have it all.

There are stalls and food vendors for everyone to enjoy and an incredible selection of all manner of classic motors. A fun, light, happy day out, this event is perhaps the perfect example of what a classic car show should be.

Local companies, like the excellent Porsche specialist, Wrightune, host stands and showcase impressive metal for people to look at in awe. Something, truly, for everyone.
The Sporting Bears are also on hand, offering passenger rides in an array of classic metal in return for charity donations.

This is a proper grassroots, feel-good classic car show for all the family. A brilliant day out from start to finish, this is the kind of event others strive to emulate. And what’s more, it’s all for a good cause.