• Wallingford’s community are invited to collaborate on revival of town heritage information boards
• Workshops will be held with local community groups over 3 days from 13 July, with an open to all workshop on 15th July in the town centre
• The historical information is being produced in collaboration with Wallingford Museum, and the boards will be installed on 25th August around the town.
Artist Kremena Dimitrova will revive some of the existing information boards around Wallingford. This project will increase awareness of Wallingford’s rich heritage and excite a range of ages, including children with a specially designed leaflet.
An important part of Kremena’s process is to co-collaborate with the community. By facilitating community workshops, Kremena will work with the public to create artwork which can be used to produce digital collages about the heritage in Wallingford, using mediums like drawing and painting.
“Many of my commissions are socially engaged and site specific in nature and involved collaborating with the public to explore history, culture and heritage” – Kremena Dimitrova
Kremena will be hosting multiple heritage workshops from the 13th to 15 July and community groups have been invited to take part. On the 15th July Kremena will be hosting an open workshop for the public in the Town Centre from 2pm – 5pm which will be part of ‘Wallingford’s Celebration of the Curfew Bell’.
The historical information on the boards will be written in collaboration with Judy Dewey, Curator of Wallingford Museum.
Section 106 monies have been used to fund this project, which is phase 1 of a review of the signage around the Wallingford. The existing information boards have been in place for over 12 years and have become discoloured. The new boards will be created from a different material to better withstand weather conditions and last for a minimum of 20 years.
Photographs & video link available here:
About the Artist
Kremena Dimitrova is a London based illustrator-as-historian and storyteller. She specialises in children’s illustration, comics, murals, public art installations, mapmaking/trails, and visual storytelling in the cultural, heritage, and education sectors. She often works with archives and collections and uses a mixture of creative approaches, such as character development, humour, rhymes, words, and images, to bring narratives to life.