You may have seen them while out and about, especially on the ring road… Yellow jacketed helpers. Are they Wombles? No, it’s the volunteers from Grab a Bag, Wallingford. These intrepid teams are making use of their daily exercise to literally grab a bag and litter pick, helping to keep the town and area clean and tidy for us all. We spoke to group founder Saveria by phone:

An interview with founder Saveria

by Wallingford Radio News

Set up as a facebook group to co-ordinate local photos and locations, the entirely voluntary group are making great use of their daily walks to pick up all manner of litter. With discussions on the board ranging from the oldest crisp packet that can be found (ove 15 years old so far) to the oddest item (a leg from a doll), it’s an incredibly supportive group. Saveria is however keen to point out that you don’t need to join the facebook group to join in!

Anyone can grab a bag on their walks and help out. Currently waste needs to be returned to a public bin (in, not next to!) or your own domestic bins, although this is something the group is working on with the council.

If you would like to collect a litter picker, Mark Brett at Haynes Car Care is lending them out, and with the annual group litter pick cancelled for this year this is a fantastic way to help look after the local environment.