This summer, artist Kremena Dimitrova worked with the community to design and illustrate 10 boards around Wallingford to showcase the rich history of the town and engage a range of ages.

An important part of Kremena’s process is to co-collaborate with the community. Kremena hosted workshops with Wigod Way Family Centre, Wallingford School, Waterside Court Care Home and a public workshop on the 15th July. Groups were encouraged to draw, colour, write and mono-print various images of significant figures, wildlife, symbols and buildings from Wallingford’s history.
Kremena then scanned the artwork in and created a digital collage, using her own illustrations as well to link the design together.

Kremena Dimitrova says:
‘As a true history enthusiast, I have had the greatest pleasure and privilege of collaborating with Wallingford Town Council, Wallingford Museum, and Wallingford’s creative and friendly community over the past few months. We drew and laughed, and walked and talked, not necessarily in this order. We traced and monoprinted Wallingford’s past and present heritage during a series of art and storytelling workshops. I gathered all the stories, ideas, and artworks and co-created 10 colourful, playful, and interactive information boards’ designs that are both nostalgic and forward-looking. In order to excite different ages, locals, as well as tourists alike about our history-mystery trail with an Agatha Christie twist, I have interweaved text, images, patterns, crossword questions, and rhymes with a hint of humour. There is a little bit for every taste.’
These new boards feature artwork from various community groups and link to a trail around the boards ‘Exploring the History of Wallingford in Rhythm and Rhyme with the Queen of Crime’, with Agatha Christie featured on each board asking a question. Visitors and residents can write their answers and complete the crossword to reveal a title of one of Christie’s works. Leaflets of the trail are available to pick up from the Town Information Centre

Source : Wallingford Town Council